Hunter Carbon Carriers

The world currently emits around 37 billion tons of CO2 per year.  In order to reach net zero by 2050, emissions of CO2 will have to be reduced by 30 billion tons, or more than 80% by 2050. This means that CCTS (Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage) capacity will need to grow by more than 17,000 percent over the next 30 years.

In order to transport all this captured CO2 a significant number of CO2 ships will be needed.  In fact, if assuming 25% of the planned CCTS being transported by ships more than 2,500 new 12,500cmb ships will be needed by 2040.  Hunter Carbon carriers have developed a low-pressure mid stream shipping solution for CCTS which should lead to significant cost savings compared to existing LCO2 designs. 

Sujoy K. Seal