Previous Projects

Successfully constructed, owned and operated 8 very large crude carriers (“VLCCs”)

Invested around USD 700 million in early 2018 in the construction of eight newbuild eco scrubber-fitted VLCCs at DSME in South Korea. Hunter Group supervised the construction of additional 4 VLCCs at the same yard, taking the total number of VLCCs constructed during the period to 12. The ships were delivered between August 2019 and July 2020, and were successfully operated by Hunter Group with employment in both the spot and time charter markets. The VLCCs were gradually divested and the final ship was sold in 2022. Hunter Group distributed more than USD 300 million in dividends to our shareholders throughout the investment period..

The Badger Technology is an oil drilling technology developed in close cooperation between Indicator AS and a consortium consisting of Equinor, ExxonMobil, Chevron, China National Petroleum Corporation and Wintershall. The Badger Technology consists of a rig-less oil formation and reservoir evaluation tool, that was intended to be able to drill down to the target reservoir, send data back to the operator while compacting and ejecting the drill cuttings at the back end of the device using an ultrasonic compactor.